Digitonal are a London, UK based band who have been working at the intersection of ambient electronica, melodic IDM and neo-classical minimalism since 1997.

They have recorded for Toytronic, Just Music, The Ambient Zone, Neo Ouija and Cactus Island and have been called upon to remix the likes of Max Richter, Kelli Ali, B12 and labelmates Marconi Union.

They have played live across the UK, Europe and the US and have been critically acclaimed for their expressive performances of great range and beauty.

Their fifth studio album is currently nearing completion and will be released later in 2019.

For M is Music - A Digitonal sampler
Dom and Andy at 22rpm

Digitonal are currently multi-instrumentalist and composer Andrew Dobson and producer and performer Dom Graveson. They have released four studio albums and appeared on a multitude of compilations, single releases and remixes. You can find a full list of their work at Discogs. Bookings and any other enquiries should be made directly to the band via the email or social links above.