Digitonal is an ambient electronica project of composer and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Dobson, along with frequent collaborators.

After 25 years of music and performances we have decided to put the project to bed for a while to focus on new things.

We thank the many musicians, labels, promoters and fans that have touched and supported us over the years and I'm looking forward to sharing new projects with you.

Two things are in the pipeline: an old school melodic electronica project under the name Alphabox and a personal project close to my heart which was conceived on the Suffolk coast in 2015 and has been in gradual development. This is a long-form ambient project at the meeting point of generative electronics and instrumental musicianship under the name Of the Night Sky.

We'd encourage anybody interested in our work and activities to sign up for our mailing list which will consist of rare updates when I have something substantial to say.

Andrew Dobson
Suffolk, 2023.

Fairer Weathers

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Digitonal have been writing and performing their brand of intricate, melodic electronica since 1997. Originally conceived by musician Andrew Dobson, it's gone through many different forms in collaboration with other performers, notably a long relationship with Eqyptian violinist Samy Bishai.

They have recorded for Toytronic Records, Cactus Island and their long-time home, Just Music, and have performed remix duties for the likes of Max Richter, B12, Alice Russell, Kelli Ali, Kirsty Hawkshaw and labelmates Marconi Union. Their live sets closely bind instrumentation with the electronics and have achieved much acclaim for their improvisation, range and beauty.

In 'Set the Weather Fair', Digitonal's 4th studio album, Dobson is joined by chart-topping dance music producer and sonics obsessive Dom Graveson which takes the outfit's sound into new territory where synthesis, cutting edge production and musicianship combine.

Photo of Digitonal - Photo credit Jim Horsfield

Photo Credit: Jim Horsfield


Digitonal are a live band to the core. Instrumentation, improvisation, excursions through the material and into unexpected places have been part of the performance DNA of the band since the very start. They have taken the stage at festivals, art galleries, techno clubs, opera houses, public spaces and streets, churches and cathedrals, a NASA base and tiny pub back-rooms. Expression and response is the lifeblood of the band and all booking requests will be respectfully considered.

Digitonal operate their own management and can be contacted for bookings directly at the details below.

Digitonal live in Ljubjana

Twitch Streams

During lockdown, Andy has been doing regular live streams on his Twitch channel. These are blank slate improvisations in which he plugs in a bunch of kit and see where it takes him. This is usually unexpected and frequently about creating order from chaos. These sessions have largely finished now, but some highlights are archived on his Twitch channel and there maybe some impromptu sessions in the future so do sub to the Twitch channel if you'd like to be notified whenever he's going live.


Bookings: Please email Andrew Dobson at admin@digitonal.com

Licensing: All music publishing via Just Publishing Just Music Website

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