“a heavenly overture…sweeping bows and tumultous build ups.
...if the bass doesn’t get you then the throb of the cello will”
– Music OMH


Listen to and watch a selection of Digitonal tracks below. There's lots more on our Soundcloud page including live tracks, demos, experiments and remixes

Max Richter - Path 5

Our interpretation of this track from Max Richter's stunning Sleep project is released by Deutsche Grammofon today, with a full digital and vinyl album to follow shortly, including mixes by Clark, Mogwai and our labelmates Marconi Union.

Clarinet, electronics and additional production: Andy Dobson
Harp: Kat Arney
Violin: Samy Bishai

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Max Richter - Path 5 (Digitonal's Theo in Dreamland Mix)

Autumn Round

93 Years On


Digitonal have released, to date, four studio albums, a handful of EPs and have also been represented by remixes and miscellaneous tracks on many labels, small and large. You can find us at Bandcamp, Spotify, Rdio, Google Play Music, Apple Music, iTunes and any decent independent record store. For a full discography, check out our listing at Discogs. Digitonal are published and released by Just Music.


Digitonal have played live extensively over the last 15 years in the UK, Europe and the US, with a flexible lineup that has included various musicians and collaborators. The sets have been adapted for festival, concert hall and club alike, with varying excursions into improvisation and musicianship at the heart of the performance. If you'd like any information on booking, please contact Andy from the band directly.

Together 2017

Together 2017

Yaga Gathering

Yaga Gathering

Proverb live at the Union Chapel

We Three live at the Union Chapel

About Digitonal

Andrew Dobson has been recording and performing his particular take on classically-influenced electronica as Digitonal since 1997. Part of the late phase of UK melodic electronica, he came to prominence on the seminal Toytronic Records Neurokinetic compilation and a debut album, 23: Things Fall Apart, on the label shortly afterwards. Since then he has recorded for Seed Records, Cactus Island, Uncharted Audio and long-time home Just Music who released album Save Your Light for Darker Days in 2008, followed by retrospective compilation Be Still My Bleeping Heart and recent studio album, Beautiful Broken. He has also turned in remixes for a diverse range of artists, including Max Richter, B12, Kirsty Hawkshaw, Alice Russell, Talk in Colour, LJ Kruzer and Flights of Helios.

Charting a line from the minimalism of Reich and Nyman to the melodic IDM of Plaid and Boards of Canada, Digitonal is recognised for being one of the forebears of the ‘neoclassical’ sound, fusing classical instrumentation with contemporary electronic production techniques.

Alongside frequent collaborator, Egyptian violinist Samy Bishai (Natacha Atlas, Seckou Keita), and a flexible array of musicians including cellist Jo Quail and harpist Kat Arney (Sunday Driver, Talk in Colour), Digitonal have toured extensively and have been in demand as a live act, known for their heavily improvised sets of great range and beauty.


Andy can be emailed at admin@digitonal.com for most matters, including booking enquiries.

For licensing, sync or other enquiries about released tracks, please contact Serena at Just Music.

You can also reach Digitonal on Twitter and Facebook (Twitter is recommended as generally the quickest method of touching base with Andy cause he basically lives on it). You can find links over in the sidebar to all our social channels. You can also send messages on Soundcloud, although we have a tendency to miss them.